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Army University Press You Tube Videos

I posted about these before, in Professional Wargaming . But I just continue to be very impressed with the production quality, interest, historicity and to much of the lessons apply equally to wargaming as warfighting of the videos produced by The Army University Press . Some people may not like the Army doctrine educational aspect. But I love it. When I was in the USN I checked out every manual I could from the library. And when I wa deep into the computer game Combat Mission I read several U.S. Army FM books. Because real life tactics worked in that game. Their latest series France '44 has got me really wanting to break out OCS Beyond the Rhine. First is " The Wet Gap Crossings at Nancy " detailing crossing major water obstacle with mechanized forces. The latest, " The Encirclement at Nancy ", I found more interesting. Detailing encirclement of German forces in and around Nanncy and the German's failed counterattacks.