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CSW Expo Dallas!

Three day wargame convention in Texas. Party Time, Excellent! I'm super stoked to have paper and cardboard convention within a few hours of home.  ConsimWorld in Arizona is a slog both to get there and spend 8 days gaming. An extremely fun and amazing experience, but still high on the intensity scale. I did finally attend for first time last year. The local  Millennium Con is fine. Only everyone there thinks "war game" means miniatures. After all it's tag line is  "Historical Miniatures Wargame Convention" .  CSW Expo Dallas' is "WargameClassics.CON"  (you know I'm all about the classics ) and the special guest is no less a luminary than  Mark Herman . Who may have miniatures? but is famous for his board games. Of which I have several . CSW Expo Dallas March 6-8, 2020 • Delta Hotels Dallas Allen door prizes • flea market tables • open-gaming • playtesting designer-hosted events • evening seminar • special events and more!

My First Wargames

Early eighties, Vienna VA, eleven year old me sat in my lair (the basement) thrilling over the three giant boxes my older sister had brought me from a garage sale. I did not know what they were. I had never seen anything like them before. Risk and Stratego were the closest to war games I had seen.  I recognized one as I had recently read my father's copy of  The Hobbit . The others I could tell were something to do with WWII.  The huge gun on one cover reminded me of a movie,  Guns of Navarone  (wrong theater). Had no idea who the dusty dude on the last cover was. Although I have copies of all three now, they are not my originals. Have only retained a moldy mounted map and chits to WotR. Being a teenager, college, military service, several cross country moves; None are conducive to keeping one's childhood artifacts intact.  The following are stock photos. I've played War of the Ring to completion numerous times solo and face to face. Which I really enjoy, despite its

What are Wargames?

Test post, copied from A  board wargame  is a  wargame  with a set playing surface or  board , as opposed to being played on a computer or in a more free-form playing area as in  miniatures games . The modern, commercial wargaming hobby (as distinct from military exercises, or  war games ) developed in the late  1954  following the publication and commercial success of  Tactics . [1]  The board wargaming hobby continues to enjoy a sizeable following, with a number of  game publishers  and  gaming conventions  dedicated to the hobby both in the English-speaking world and further afield. [ citation needed ] In the  United States , commercial board wargames (often shortened to "wargames" for brevity) were popularized in the early 1970s. Elsewhere, notably  Great Britain  where miniatures had evolved its own commercial hobby, [ citation needed ]  a smaller following developed. The  genre  is still known for a number of common ga