CSW Expo Dallas!

Three day wargame convention in Texas. Party Time, Excellent!

I'm super stoked to have paper and cardboard convention within a few hours of home. ConsimWorld in Arizona is a slog both to get there and spend 8 days gaming. An extremely fun and amazing experience, but still high on the intensity scale. I did finally attend for first time last year. The local Millennium Con is fine. Only everyone there thinks "war game" means miniatures. After all it's tag line is "Historical Miniatures Wargame Convention".  CSW Expo Dallas' is "WargameClassics.CON" (you know I'm all about the classics) and the special guest is no less a luminary than Mark Herman. Who may have miniatures? but is famous for his board games. Of which I have several.

March 6-8, 2020 • Delta Hotels Dallas Allen

door prizes • flea market tables • open-gaming • playtesting
designer-hosted events • evening seminar • special events and more!

Doors open early for set-up: Thursday, March 5 @ 7pm, game around-the-clock thru Sunday, March 8 midnight!

I'm definitely going to this. Already took Friday off and booking my room as soon as I post this. The people, John Kranz and crew, running this are top notch. The huge, week long Consim event they run, should be a chaotic mess but is instead a chaotic delight :). They work hard. Not just on getting the Con accomplished, a feat in itself. They proactively made sure everyone was having a good time. Always available and willing to help match gamer to game or to answer questions. It's not a stretch to say the con is great because of them.

I suspect CSW Expo Dallas will be similar to it's larger cousin. In that it being very much a DIY, self-service affair. There is such a plethora of games, divergent interests that is very hard (and probably would not work well) to have a fixed schedule and game registration. Some people plan games on the forum (link below). Many more arrange games / sign up for the numerous open games once they are at the con. This amorphous unplanned format gave me great anxiety leading up to Consim 2019. But, trust me, from experience (and the efforts of John Kranz) I can tell you that it works well. My best advice is "Don't worry, just go, it will work out and you will have a blast."

If you have questions, the Consimworld forum to discussing CSW Expo would not be a horrible place to ask them.

Stuka Joe made a great video of his First Consimworld Expo 2018 experience which may provide a taste of what CSW Expo Dallas will be like.


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