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DaW - Feb 1941, North Africa

DAKII page on OCS Depot DAK-a-Week playthrough page which lists the house rules in play and has other resources. Download directory of all the VASSAL .vsavs and .vlogs from DAK-a-Week playthrough. There's one vlog and two vsavs per game turn. The saves were taken at the end of  each side's turn. First side indicated with 'a', second with 'b'. February 1941 VASSAL February vlog  (rt-click and save as). Axis Intent:  Hold Tobruk or cost Allies more than can afford taking it. Allied Intent:  Get Italians bloody well out of Tobruk! 1st:  Clear. Even with active Fliegerkorps, still lost half cross-med shipping. Able to ship and fly total of 3T to Tobruk. Defensive barrages continue keeping Tobruk besiegers disorganized and less capable of effective attacks. Benghazi starts to get serious about defense. The Trento, 7th bersaglieri, artillery, flak and other units released by Comando Supremo are jammed up waiting for a ride across med. The desert training establishm