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ASL Life

Been punching, not yet clipping, ASL counters. Sigh  Croix de Guerre, For King and Country, Rising Sun, last bits of Yanks and Red October. Got Armies of Oblivion sheets on desk, glaring accusingly, "When you gonna clip us punk?"  Leaving historical modules: HiF, VotG, FB mostly alone as their counters are unique(ish) and I don't have enough bead boxes to hold them all anyhow. Hollow Legions is on it's way... the counters, they never end do they?

OCS Luck

Playing OCS Sicily with couple local buddies.  When your Supermarine Spitfire , one of best fighters of WWII, sorties to sweep the not horrible, but not that great Macchi C.202 Folgore  and dice... At least the "1" on third die means the Spitfire was not shot down. I like to imagine the British squadron had mechanical difficulties, was unable to locate the Italian CAP before bingo fuel, or the like. The next squadron rumbling down the airstrip and roaring off , also aborted with no effect. But the third guy shot down the 202 and German 109g (5-1) under it. Then aborted the final Italian, a 205. Skies clear for lumbering bombers to give the defenders what for! Three aggressors to clear three defenders, fair?