MMP Warriors of God

Someone brought Warriors of God to Tucson Boardgame Meetup this Sunday past.  Which is a bit odd as the meetup is generally a Euro style affair. This guy, let's call him Dave, sports a Tiger T-shirt more often than not. So, I had high hopes and good vibes.

And we played 100 Years War Scenario. Well, got 5 out of 12 turns done. Neither one of us really knew the rules. I played Warriors of Japan, once, maybe, long ago...

I was The English, which is proper. Dave, unfortunately was stuck with The French.

It was great. The rules are really simple (relative to the other wargames I play ASL/OCS/BCS/SPI monsters). But, they are really slick in application. Often doing double duty. Like there are no logistics/supply train rules. But the way control markers are placed and units deployed "implements" being cut off, "out of supply", extending yourself too far (I speak from experience), etc. At a high level. But it works as this is a high level game. Each turn a decade, each move a whole provence.

Big fan, would play again.


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