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November 1940

VASSAL November vlog (rt-click and save as)

Axis Intent: Delay eventual siege of Tobruk, kill Allies

Allied Intent: Cut off and kill Italians via attrition

1st: Royal Navy destroys Bardia coastal battery [12pt barrage event]. LRDG recons Giarabub [thought I'd kill them with some artillery support, wasted a few turns before deciding too risky to lose LRDG]. 16 Bde destroys Italians overwatching Sollum. Opening port to allied supplies. After suppression by the Royal Air Force and Artillery, light and cruiser tanks led by Jock Campbell overrun Italians high ground west of Sollum. Cirene Div and supporting MG Bn successfully breakout [breakout rolls]. 2nd Rifle ensconced on escarpment over coastal highway cuts off Bardia. Its garrison can survive as long as the port remains open...

5th: Sandstorms sweep across the entire theater. Shipping supplies and little else.

8th: Full of hubris from devastatingly easy victories, Lt Col Campbell does not give Marmarica Div proper respect and 2RTR pays the price [6 column defender surprise, AL1o1]. The burning A10s and A13s wrecks provide cover for 16th Bde and his forced retreat. Bardia garrison finds more pasta [2T dump event].

12th: Italians are content to ship men and material into Tobruk/Bardia and occasionaly barrage [DG armor stack outside Bardia]. Allies counter barrage Marmarica Div and consider a more deliberate assault given last week's disaster. Seeing his troops tremendous successes, Gen Wavell decides the 1st Bde is surplus to Western Desert Force's needs and ships it off to Greece [allied withdraw roll]. Aussies begin training around Alexandria.

15th: Capitalizing on initiative, both O'Connor and Campbell attempt to overrun the Disorganized Marmarica Div. Through sheer mass and heavy losses they're able to overcome stout Italian fortifications [both Ao1 / DL1o1, Campbell's is a 2 column defender surprise after snakes 1,1]. Campbell takes shrapnel to the knee. Doctors say he'll be right as rain in four months [Leader loss roll]. The allies now interdict Bardia port. Italians have stockpiles for a week and half.

19th: Leaving only a token force to maintain Bardia siege allies move west, far west! 2nd RAF Armored Cars reaching El Mechili. Encouraging the local Senussi to revolt against Italy. 8th Hussars races off to within 8km of Derna. Threatening Axis trucks along coastal highway between Benghazi and Tobruk. 

22nd: The boys and gals at Bletchy Park crack Ultra [1st level Ultra cracked event]. The armored car tour of Libya continues. Activating Msus Senussi and seizing Agedabia strip on Gulf of Sidra coast. While the 8th Hussars clear Derna of its territorial defenders.

26th: Have the Allies pushed too far, too fast? The Bersaglieri think so. Unexpectedly running into british Rolls Royces, they promptly shoot up 2RAF Armored Cars. [Ao1, DL1o1 even after 6 column defender surprise]. Those Senussi rebels are next!

[missing allied vlog/vsav]

29th: Bardia holds but supplies are all but exhausted. O'Conner finds a hidden supply cache [2T dump event]. Senussi capture Derna. 8th Hussars return from western raiding. Allies have discovered forces in Tobruk are still an offensive threat. And must approach methodically with sufficient forces. Tobruk is no Sollum/Bardia cake walk.


VASSAL end of November save file (rt-click and save as)

Italians getting nervous at how fast Bardia is cut off and out of supply. Will Tobruk go as quickly?

Allies have lost couple units and a leader to the hospital. But, are making quick work of Italian resistance.


The toll for November. Allied units off to right started "dead". They're buildable replacements / upgrades for starting units.


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