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I've done a bit of online, opposed VASSAL wargaming; live and PBEM.  But, have never gotten into it big time.  I work in front of a computer all day. Much of my free time is spent in front of computer playing video games, reading blogs, writing blogs, coding personal projects, etc. Wargaming face to face, over the paper battle field is one of the few times I can get away from the softly seductive, soul sucking embrace of my monitor glow.

An organized ladder like https://wargameleague.com/ seems like a great idea. Here is some information straight from that site. Go and check them out.

  • GMT PBEM: Stalingrad 42, Holland 44, Ukraine 43, Normandy 44, Caucaus Campaign 42-43, Ardennes 44, Next War Korea​
  • COMPASS PBEM: Bitter Woods, Saipan, Red Star White Eagle, Battle of Ypres
  • MMP PBEM: A Victory Lost, A Victory Denied
  • Avalon Hill PBEM: Afrika Korps, Thunder at Cassino, Breakout Normandy 

OVERVIEW - These events are conceived as an online PBEM ladder that will run continuously and pairings and results hosted online at wargameleague.com. All games will feature the current living rules as supported at compass games, MMP and GMT. There is no required membership to participate in these ladders. Scenario information will be provided after sign up - but anticipate the shorter tournament like scenario.

Players of all experience levels welcome! There is no cost to enter - BPA membership is NOT required to play in these ladders.


  1. Finally this blog made it through my work's internet filter. Ironically, trollandflame is now blocked.

    Chits and hexes are so sexy, but what kind of time commitment would this be? Also, I'm itching to start up Dragon Pass, Imperium, or old LOTR with you again one weekend.


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