Professional Wargaming

Professional in that war fighting is your job, aka military. Rather than "playing" for fun, you game to become better at your job. These professional war games really confused me ~30 years ago as a college freshman looking up war games in Univ of Kansas libraries. It's a different world. Yet the commercial war gaming hobby (and RPG hobby) owes it's existence to military war gaming. I've since found it interesting to peak over the fence from time to time.

This recent article on Teaching Professional Wargaming provided the inspiration for this post.

Invicta Youtube channel recently had a series on the US Naval War College. Specifically it's history of war gaming. Extremely informative on how professional war gaming works.

Tangential to war gaming but in line with educating professionals, The Army University Press Youtube channel has several excellently produced analyses of famous battles with the objective of highlighting and teaching modern US Army war fighting.

Korea, Twin Tunnels

France 44, Crossings at Nancy

And several on Stalingrad

Finally from Lindybeige Youtube channel, lest you think this war gaming, professional or not, is so much hooey. The allied effort to win the Battle for the Atlantic was markedly aided through war gaming.


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