2022 project unlocked!

A few hundred counters into magnetic clips and The Italian Campaign can begin!

But right now, I'm playing VASSAL game of Campaign for North Africa with bunch of great peoples. Clay who got made searchable PDFs of rules with all errata incorporated and notated. Mitch who made a stunning and faithfully rendition of the map (assuming you rightly think SPI maps are objects of sublime delight). Also contains extremely nice and sharp SVG based counters.  Tim who put together a set of spreadsheets which make running this beautiful beast a possibility. Along with several other "mere" players. Great times.

It's literally been a 37 year long journey to get CfNA played. Well, I'm playing it. And, and! Got my physical copy on the table, well on the magnetico wall. Let's Go!

I am so fucking stoked right now. 


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