It begins again, Sept 1940 North Africa

DAK-II, The Campaign in North Africa 1940-1942

Released in 2004 by Multiman Publishing. Bought by me, probably around same time, from a forgotten game store in Oakland, CA.

Every few years, I get the hankering to play DAK. Always solo. Sometimes pushing cardboard. Sometimes on VASSAL. Always the full campaign, including Italians. Due to Gamer ADD or life I never get very far.

So, decided that my 2024 New Year's Resolution, made in Feb, would be to play and blog/vlog one in game "OCS" month per real life week. A regular schedule and "commitment" to post might help me maintain focus. I've spent last couple weeks, in VASSAL, catching up.

DAKII page on OCS Depot

DAK-a-Week playthrough page which lists house rules in play and has other resources.

Download directory of all the VASSAL .vsavs and .vlogs of DAK-a-Week playthrough. There's one vlog and two vsavs per day/game turn. The saves were taken at the end of  each side's turn. Side going first indicated with 'a', second with 'b'. Campaign Setup is starting positions prior to any movement.

September 1940

VASSAL September vlog (rt-click and save as)

Axis intent: lose as little as possible, kill allied steps, prep Tobruk for siege

Allied intent: withdraw in good order, avoid ground combat, let bombs and shells do the work, preserve force for future envelopment

Courtesy of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, New York; photograph, Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, Rome
The 10ยช Armata stands ready to march forward and be captured / rendered combat ineffective.

Can only Trace along primary road. Which ends at Sollum. And our only Supply Sources are Ports 2T and greater. Which are easily shut down by EZOC. Marble Arch isn't a Supply Source until March 41.

Italian units are prohibited from withdrawing to Tripoli. Nor may they turtle up around Tobruk (or anywhere else). 

Il Duce has decreed, "Forward into Egypt!"

Balbo, having narrowly missed being shot down by friendly AAA, intends to send only the worst units available into Egypt and their doom. Transport as much men and material as practicable into Tobruk and Bardia. Hold out until allies arrive / logistical infrastructure secured.

Operazione E starts with rain at both ends of the theater. The designated units walk forward to victory! Sollum is liberated without casualties (and without opposition, which we can leave out of report).  Ahead of El Hamra on the inland road elements of 7th Arm are probed. The RAF swept from the skies, frees our ineffective Ba65s to be shot up by flak. Wellingtons provided an excuse to not press the attack [DG].

15th Moved to surround O'Conner at El Hamra catching him off guard [Bad CW play didn't see surrounding EZOC and got two units killed, D1o1, and Leader barely avoiding capture]. Coastal and inland road spearheads connect through Sidi el Sabil. Enemy holds at Azzizaya and high ground near Bir Enba.

19th Royal Navy lobs shells at Buq Buq. Spoiling Aresca Ragg's grand exploitation [DG drops Reserve]. While the royal artillery barrages fail to impress Maletti or Balbo. After surprise 7th Arm defense, Balbo opts to withdraw [Ao1] rather than lose the Sahariano pressing the attack [one of few AR 4 units and nonreplaceable]. The Allies remain around Sidi el Barrani. Inland they retreat at speed towards Mersa Matruh.

22th Diminished construction of a second, inner line of fortifications around Tobruk [HOGs]. Surrounded and captured [died to attrition] 7th Hussars that Gott left near Bir Enba. Successful CW and failed Italian barrages results in no progress towards seizing Barrani.

26th Rain provides respite from the dust. The line of CW from coast to escarpment is opened up by Cirene Div. A gap the 21st tankette races through (mechanical calvary indeed) and cuts communication with Barrani [EZOC shuts down Port].

29th Apparently tankettes are no match for 8th Hussar's 2pdrs [Overrun]. Inflicting the first Italian ground loss and reestablishing a solid line of strong armor from Sidi el Barrani to first escarpment.


VASSAL end of Sept save file (rt-click and save as)

Italian 10th Army has achieved all higher command directives. That is, other than taking Sidi el Barrani. Which we shall certainly seize in Ottobre!

Allies have failed to follow or achieve their Intent. Suffering unnecessary losses trying to delay the Italian wave crashing across Egypt. Should have just "turtled" around Mersa Matruh until the time is ripe for wide encircling Raid to cut off and isolate the aggressors.

The toll for Sept. Allied units off to right started "dead". They're buildable replacements / upgrades for starting units.


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