Wargame a Month

Pursuit of Glory

To make use of all these things on my shelf. I've decided to complete one wargame, that I've not played before, every month in 2024. Given that it's Feb 27th I've already failed. But, why let that stop me. It's also a problem that I mostly enjoy monster wargames; 4maps, thousands of counters, 40+ hour campaigns.

Right now I'm playing three wargames face to face. Slowly, less than a Turn a week.

  • Hungarian Rhapsody (the campaign) - OCS with J & R. This is not one of the twelve.
  • Arracourt (the campaign) - BCS with R. This is not one of the twelve.
  • Pursuit of Glory (the campaign) - with R. This may be one of the twelve. But the complete each game within a month. This has already been going on for months.
  • 4x House Ruled version of Federation & Empire - online. This is not one of the twelve. Game progress is sloooooow. It gives me Starfleet Universe itch and not enough scratching. None of those games are "new" to me.
I attend irregular, montlyish FLGS "wargame" meetup with 2-4 peoples. Due to time limitations 2-4 hours, games played here are not what I meant by wargame. Hence the quotes.  For WaM, I'm looking to play hex and counter, maybe point-to-point/area control. 

Looking at my shelf... man I have a lot of monsters and just long, 10-20hr, games. Games that caught my interest include.
I'll probably have to play non-solo ones as solo due to timing and interest.

I think I suffer a form of Analysis Paralysis. Can't start any game because I have too many I want to start. [Trying to break through that with the "one game a month" scheme] Definitely suffer from attention issues. At least solo, I flit from one interest to another, never finishing anything. [In theory "each game, in a month" is to help with that. But, sometimes I become manically obsessed and then utterly uninterested in a title over a few days].

Within two days (end of month), I'll be back with a AAR. Wish me luck!


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